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Select Services Temporarily Unavailble.

To Our Valued Guests,

We wanted to share with you how we envision our new normal when we open for hair services:

...Know that you are missed and we are ever so grateful for your return.

...Know that our suites have always exceeded the guidelines for infection control per TDLR rules and regulations and we will continue that for COVID 19 and beyond.

...Know that we have been open since May 18th for limited services on our regular schedule. The Governor permitted operation May 8th but we felt it was better to work as many details out as is possible regarding this new normal in addition to ensuring we are sufficiently supplied with personal protection equipment. We are ready! Our scheduling system is open and reflects real-time availability. Please note we will update services weekly so don't hesitiate to check back if a service is not available.

…Know that we currently have no measures to medically screen ourselves. We do not have testing kits available nor have any team member been tested. Nonetheless, we will have a stringent self-screening process that includes taking temperatures of our guest as well as taking our personal temperatures twice a day with touchless thermometers.

...Know that are team members are not REQUIRED to return to work if they are not ready or may work a limited schedule. This availability will be reflected in our online booking system which is updated in REAL-TIME.

...Know that all services may not be available upon reopening. This is only temporary.

...Know that a mask is required and must be worn in order to receive service. We accept N95, surgical mask, and homemade cloth mask. We will not accept bandanas or any covering held over mouth solely with hand. Masks will be available, while supplies last, for purchase at $3.50 each in salon. Masks are $2.50 each if you pay in cash.

...Know that masks must be worn the duration of your service in the salon building. Masks with elastics that go over head will need to be adjusted during shampoo and cutting services.You will be required to place your hand over your mask in the case. It is best to have a mask that wraps around your ear. for your relaxation. 

…Know our suites are a bit different as well.  We are working to increase our personal protective equipment and have HEPA filtration supplied in each room that completely filters the air every 15 minutes. This filtration system will remove dangerous bacteria, fumes, or odors, dust mites, pet dander, chemicals, mold, pollen, smoke, and other airborne allergens just to name a few.

...Know the importance of coming alone, or having your companion or driver wait for you in the car; extra people in the suites compromises everyone.

...Know that when you arrive you will probably need to wait until we give you the go ahead before entering the building. Having your cell phone handy in your car will help considerably. We will have a couple of questions for you for screening purposes.

...Know that we are thrilled to see you, but we can’t hug nor physically touch anything outside of your beautiful head of hair. Your presence is the best hug ever. Also please be aware that we will take your temperature before you enter the salon as an additional screening procedure with a touchless system.

…Know that services may be invoiced via email by some team members the day of your service so you may pay using your own personal device. This will reduce contact but also keep in mind that some operators will only be accepting CASH ONLY. This has always been our preferred payment. You will be notified via email after booking if this is the case or informed at the start of your service. 

...Know that your health is our biggest concern. We may ask those with high risk factors to wait before scheduling.

...Know that we reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Please do not take this personal. 

...Know that initially, your appointments may take more time. Your patience is appreciated. If you have no patience, please do not schedule during this time.

...Know that your understanding, as we rework the schedule to accommodate those clients with the most urgent hair needs, means the world to us. Imagine rescheduling months of appointments...we will get there!

...Know that each of our opinions of the entire situation won’t change the laws and rules that we are asked to operate under for everyone’s safety, so we are going to keep the conversation about you, your hair health, and your best hair care and how to help you reach your hair goals.

...Know that...above all else, we are so excited to see you!  Although this is new for all of us we are confident that together we can make it the best appointment ever!!!


We look forward to seeing you again,

Nappy Republic



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