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The vision has evolved over the past 12 years from a full service salon to a specialized approach in braiding and natural hair care. we want to expedite service and the customer experience by being your #1 destination for braid and texture services. Our detailed curated menu get down to the nitty gritty and 

I am  re-educating, restoring, & loving the life in all strands of hair. I am the heart and brains of a growing operation. My team members carry the same pulse. This is our declaration to you: 


Declaration of Nappy Republic


When in the course of hair trauma, it becomes necessary for one to dissolve old practices, tricks, and stunts which have resulted in broken, chopped, screwed, and weakened tresses, and perhaps embrace the natural beauty of their kink, coil, or curl in conjunction with a progressive regimen, and loving hands to which mother earth entitles them. Reinstating an appreciation in texture requires turning off your mind to a standard of beauty you unconsciously have been impelled to admire. We exist without gimmicks, nourishing and embellishing to produce body, bounce, shine, and style in ALL HAIR (natural or not).


All hair is not created equal but is endowed by your creator and rightfully enriched by dope hair care specialists to evolve your style.  To ensure this outcome,  a Nappy Republic is instituted.


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is strictly prohibited. This includes all copyright protected material on this website including text, photos, excerpts, links and ALL content provided herein.


 c. 2020, Nappy Republic

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