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Vented Styling Hair Brush, Detangling Hair Brush Massage Hair Comb, Faster Drying Hair Brush, Premium Quality Bristles Detangler Brush Styling Tool for Wet and Dry Hair


Massages, Detangles, Reduces Static, Fast Drying, and Promotes Blood Circulation Comfortable  

Use As Wide Tooth Comb, Vented Wet Brush, Straight Ahead Brush, Haibrush For Wet Hsir, Vented Hair Brush Blow Dryer Brush Styling Hair Brush Massage Comb, St Fast Dry Brush, Vent Brushes For Hair, Hot Air Spin Brush, Fan Brush, Barber Brush, Blow Dry Brush 
The Large Vent Brush is shaped to follow the contours of the head to fully engage with your hair for better and faster drying, brushing and styling


Use For Styling Hair Detangling Hair Brush Fast Drying Hair Brush Massager 
Stimulates healthy hair and hair growth, help to massage hair scalp during hair brushing and stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, which can create shiny, healthy hair and improve hair growth

Suitable for Straight or Curly Hair, Long or Short. The Nylon Pins are Friendly with All Hair Types.

Daily Use Method: 
1.Regularly remove loose hairs with a comb;Wash occasionally in warm water ensuring that the air hole is covered ;Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight. 
2.Your combs and brushes need to be washed based on your own practices of using hair products. Weekly washing is best. 
3.You will need to remove all hair and other materials on the brush. I find a comb with larger teeth works great to remove this hair. 
4.Next you will need to fill a sink or plastic container with hot water and dish detergent (I use Dawn). 
5.Add your brushes to this solution. Soak them for 15–20 minutes before rinsing in cool water to get rid of the soap solution. 
6.The final step is to let them air dry by placing them on a clean towel. It is important not let anyone else use your brush unless using a EPA cleaning solution only.

Curved Vent Brush

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