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THE HAIR ELIXIR is officially here and now available for you to take home and do your own hot oil treatments! Nourish your damaged, dull, or dry hair with this 100% natural product. All you need is a kettle, this treatment, and a heatproof container (like a coffee mug). The NR WAY is as follows: STEP 1: Cleanse hair. STEP 2: Condition hair (do not rinse) STEP 3:Boil some water. STEP 4: Apply The Hair Elixir in a heat proof container (pour as much as needed to coat your hair). STEP 5: Cut boiling water off and immerse heat proof container in hot water (do not pour water in treatment!) STEP 6: Dab finger in oil (be careful!) and check temperature of oil on wrist before application. STEP 7: Pour oil over conditioner and massage all over hair and scalp. You may steam hair uncovered or with plastic cap for at least 20 mins. Of course you may apply this treatment after rinsing your conditioner. Be sure to rinse conditioner with COOl water! The ingredients: Jojoba oil (herb infused) , cold pressed virgin olive oil, mango essential oil, orange essential oil, pineapple essential oil, rosemary essential oil, sage, Annaho extract, vitamin E. You will get at least 4 treatments from this bottle.

The Hair Elixir

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