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Salon Policies

Our Open Chair Policy

At Nappy Republic we have built a team where our guests are our priority. You may choose at any time to change to a different stylist based on a variety of reasons- schedules or to get a different perspective. With so many talented individuals, we encourage you to try anyone, so that you can find the stylist that fits your needs. Please feel free to ask our opinion on a stylist who is best suited and matched to fit your individual needs.


It is important to communicate during your service if you desire any changes so that we may adjust as needed. Our team is trained to consult and check-in with you periodically during your service but never hesitate to speak up. We encourage it! Once you leave, we may not offer a redo service. At the discretion of the stylist, a style adjustment may be made. Please do not take pain-meds prior to braiding or weaving services so that you may gauge tension. We will not redo these service when your pain medication wears off.


You are responsible for your curls. You cannot have the ABSOLUTE BEST of both worlds. If you choose to thermal style you hair, you must accept the risk that your curl pattern may change. If you love your curl pattern and it would break your heart if they changed, DO NOT THERMAL STYLE your hair. A soft press may be perfect for those ladies concerned about their texTure but your blowout won't last and may be a challenge to comb through because it will hold a lot of texture.


It is recommended that you schedule your next appointment prior to leaving the salon. Our online booking system is mobile optimized and available 24/7. Our system will generate real-time availability. In addition to avoiding bad hair days and last minute emergency appointments, this enables us to better accommodate your schedule, and eliminates the possibility of your desired appointment time being unavailable.



Your appointment time is scheduled just for you. Our stylists are paid on a commission basis, and if you do not show up to your appointment they do not get paid for the lost time.


Nappy Republic requires at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to the full amount of services booked. Our minimal standard fee is $25.


It is your responsibility to write down your appointments. Regardless of when and if you receive a reminder text/email/call, you are still responsible for cancelling with sufficient notice. Please do not wait for the reminder.

Habitual tardiness, cancellations, and frequent rescheduling will require advance payment of services before future appointments may be made.


Late Arrivals

Late arrivals are subject to a modification of your services in order to remain on schedule.
Service charge will remain for the full amount of the scheduled services.


Methods of Payment

Cash - Visa - Mastercard - Discover

Menu Prices

All menu prices are subject to change with or without notice.

If you would like an estimated price, we will be happy to put together an estimated price quote for you if not available from our online menu. Our prices start at the menu price and will vary according to what exists in your hair and the results you would like to achieve. Prices will adjust based on the length and thickness of hair, the amount of time it takes for the service, and the amount of product used to perform the service.

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