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Braid & Texture Lead Stylist

With over 10 years experience, she has mastered a healthy hair braiding method that aids your natural hair maintenance and restoration goals. Having 3 girls has helped! She offers hair treatments and beautiful natural hair styles. Let's not go without mentioning, your braid experience will be comfortable and FAST! Her kind and amazing spirit is great addition to Nappy Republic.



Braid & Texture Lead Stylist

Doing hair since 8 and managing her own girls' and boy's hair, she is solid and well-rounded with all textures. Healthy hair and style is what you'll leave with when you walk out the salon. She strives for excellence in making you not only look good, but feel good. Your new found confidence gives her great joy. Her patience and passions always shine through at Nappy Republic




Veteran! She is no stranger to the braiding game. Helene has been braiding since the 70's and has likely set trends that went undocumented. Innovative in her techniques, Helene is coming out of long standing retirement to work her magic. She can do it all from traditional threading, yarn braids, braid-in weaving, box braids and more.

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